Midgard Cattery


We started Breeding Old Style Siamese and Balinese in 2010. Five years later in 2015 we started a small Oriental Longhair program. To promote further the Oriental breed group.

Our cats are shown with the CFF “The Cat Fanciers Federation” and is also our primary Registry. CFF is one of the oldest Registries in America and proudly shows in the New England area. We do register our cats with both TICA and CFA. CFF is the only registry to recognize the Old Style Siamese and Balinese. All of our Studs are Championed with the CFF as Old Style Siamese or Balinese.


Focusing on rare colors outside the traditional 4. We do have traditional colored kittens from time to time.

Seal, Chocolate,  Blue, Lilac, Red, Cream, Lynx and Torties. Occasionally we have Foreign Whites “All white Siamese and Balinese”


All of our cats are feed Royal Canin and Nature’s Variety: Instinct Raw. We supplement with GNC Supplements and Probiotics.

Although this is not cat related a family member has recently been diagnosed with metastatic pancreatic cancer our family has created a GoFundMe page and I am sharing it here to increase exposure for my wonderful Uncle. #McCarthyStrong

Breeders of Old Style Siamese & Balinese and Orientals & Oriental Longhairs